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Benna splits her time as Gifted Specialist at two middle schools in Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools. She is a Third Culture Kid(TCK) who grew up in South Korea, Israel, Brazil, and Ivory Coast including five random cities in the United States: DC, Chicago, Fort Lee, Toledo, and Charlotte. She also traveled Europe and the Middle East as a teen. Since she has lived her life as a nomad, her idea of home is never concrete. When forced to define it, she will say home is a sum of fleeting moments. Her favorite authors are Vladimir Nabokov and Toni Morrison. Favorite numbers 3, 5, and 7.

After she graduated Oberlin College with a degree in English Major in 2000, she has worked tirelessly for 15+ years to build space for teens of all shades, colors, and streaks. She has been a strong advocate for the misfits, outliers, and all others in between. She now lives with husband Young and her daughter Pearl in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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