About Me


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Benna Haas works as a Gifted Education Specialist at Philips Middle School in Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools since 2016. She has been an educator since 2008 and taught a wide range of English classes for gifted and talented learners in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, Cabarrus County Schools, Durham Public Schools, and Union County Schools. Some of the classes she enjoyed teaching include Advanced Placement Composition and Language, Honors English II, III, and IV, ESL, and self-contained Middle Grades AIG English and Language Arts.

As a Third Culture Kid(TCK) who grew up in South Korea, Israel, Brazil, and Ivory Coast including seven random cities in the United States, she has lived her life as a nomad where her idea of home is never concrete. When forced to define it, she will say home is an infinite sum of fleeting moments.

Her favorite authors are Raymond Carver, Vladimir Nabokov, Toni Morrison, and Jhumpa Lahiri. Her favorite numbers are 3 and 7.

After she graduated Oberlin College with a degree in English, she has worked tirelessly for 15+ years to build space for teens of all shades, colors, and streaks. She has been a strong advocate for the misfits, outliers, and all others in between.  She earned her M.Ed. in Literacy at UNC-Chapel Hill completing her research on teacher motivation associated with gifted learners. She will be starting her Ph.D. in Fall 2019 in the area of Educational Psychology focusing on gifted and talented.

She now lives with her husband Young and her 8-year-old daughter Pearl in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.