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With you, I found glitters, pearls, relics of the old, tattered love letters, totem poles, and the soft sound of critters and the wisdom of elders. Time to close the memory chest because it’s time for a little rest for me to go and find my own mystic treasures unknown.

Farewell.  Our slow dance practice with your delivering, undelivering, redoing, and merging on the dance floor. Our caffeinated conversation in coffee shops, libraries, and other spaces are now time for intermission. Curtains down, lights back on, and a time to stretch.

For now, let’s take a little break and put our mind to rest for our next play date.

Farewell.  Maybe I will be back time later when my hair’s silver and when I’ve been apprenticed enough to call myself a ta-dah. Until then, Farewell.

Farewell, my lovers. Your soft baby hands I held that made my heart flutter. The hugs, handshakes, fist bumps, and sorta awkward chest bumpy hello’s when no one’s looking. Loved you deeply and painfully.

Farewell, even you, I loved.

See you soon. Somewhere. Whatever shape or form. As wind, stars, moon, and as the finest whispers. You and I all played part in the cycle of the universe to bring life to those who need us. So shall we see each other again in a full circle somewhere.



Love rain and clouds. A third child. Hard of hearing. All about gifted & talented.

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